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The Drowned and The Damned - The Game!

The Drowned and the Damned is a 1/600 scale ship-to-ship combat tabletop game based in the realm of Storegga.

Updates - October 2022 - Working on ship design cards, play testing rules, designing compass and wind direction tool in MDF. 

The game will include

  • Full colour storage box

  • Full colour rulebook

  • Resin and metal ships 

  • Dice and gold coins

  • MDF Compass and Rulers

  • Full colour gaming mat

  • Terrain pieces

  • Turn templates

Fantasy Naval Games

Battle across the realm of Storegga!


Sail the seas around the mythical lands of Englaland and  Broceliande in the realm of Storegga and protect your homelands. Build your fleets and Conquer your enemies.


Admiral - Build your fleet!

Dwarf fleet

Become an Admiral and assemble and paint your own fleet in the colours of your empire.

Paint your fleets

Steam or Sail!

Enhance your tabletop!

elf fleet
Build a lighthouse

Bring your tabletop to life with extra terrain pieces.


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the drowned and the damned
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