News from the Colony 

December 2020 What a year!

Covid ugh! - We hope you are all keeping safe and well in these strange times. Very odd year as no wargame shows, thanks to all those who have purchased from us this year it is much appreciated. 

Winner of the 3D Raffle was Gary Wood, thanks to all those who entered and helped the horse charity.

Merry Christmas


Another month gone!, Fireworks all gone, now time for another lockdown until Christmas, following the advice from our wonderful government we are all crammed back into our houses where we must obey the law and avoid heavy fines for doing stuff the governments advisors just continue to do on a daily basis! Any how, lets not get political here. Lets all pull together for the sake of the NHS, get in your bubble of 4 or is it 6? Throw a gaming mat across your table and play wargames or even table top soccer.

We have lots of new mat designs to choose from, maybe you fancy a naval wargame or do you want to be a Samurai for the afternoon? 

Don't forget to enter our competition to win a 3D printer drawn live in December! 

We can now produce our designs in a new soft fleece material as well as leatherette, the leatherette is a durable smooth matt material ideal for river strips and roads, please email for a sample.

October 2020

Autumn is here, orange leaves, Halloween and cold weather has arrived. Time now to move indoors and start to play table top games all the way through to Spring! Dust down the dinner table and throw one of our cloth mats over and get out your soldiers or footballers. We have started a range of table top football, rugby and cricket pitches for games like Subbuteo. 

Table top football seems to be having a bit of a revival now as a loth of 50 something men remember the good old days collecting and playing Subbuteo. Take  a look at our range of velour pitches, hardened players are loving the playing surface.

New this month are our materials like fleece and leatherette, this are ideal for mats and road and river strips. 




Any Size

Any Length

Any Design

We now supply a complete range of tabletop football, cricket and rugby pitches in velour or felt topped rubber. Ideal for use with games such as Subbuteo etc.

New fleece material is incredibly soft and available in all sizes up to 6x4 feet

New extended cloth rivers, self cut 6x4 sheet in 28mm (other scales available)

£59 plus shipping



July 2020 - NOW CLOTH CAN Be made any size!


Added Lino flooring to materials - tough and smooth and very durable, rolls up and will last forever. Available pretty much any size.

New mats - See online store for new designs including MARS GASLANDS !



JUNE 2020 - GREAT NEWS! We can now offer 3 materials, cloth , mousemat or high quality rubber.##

We can make mousemat in any length by up to 2000mm in width, we can supply river strips or road strips at pretty much any size. see our road and river for some design ideas.


May 2020

We sell cloth and high quality rubber backed felt (like a snooker table)


Wow what a strange time we find ourselves in with Covid 19, the virus and lockdown have all made us adapt to life in a completely different way. 

We would like to thank all of our valued customers who still continue to buy from us, our cloth materials are available but we are having issues getting wider materials over 5 feet wide. We are trying hard to rectify this so we can continue offering a wide variety of sizes. We are able to offer materials joined but some players do not like joins.

Also, mousemats will not be available at the moment, but we do offer our superior high quality rubber backed mats, for the ultimate battlemat.

We have been busy doing custom work for people, from adding hexes and grids for free to full blown custom work for a whole lot of different games.

Ivan from Wargame print is our main designer and we welcome new enquiries.

Of course there have been some issues with slower deliveries from some couriers which is to be expected.

Shows have been cancelled but hopefully the discounts we offer around show dates help in some way.

Read this awesome zine and our interview in Issue 1

Stay safe people and keep healthy, please join in the conversation on our facebook and twitter feeds.


New mousemat 6mm railway strips, 6 feet long  cut to size required. Only £25.

HI, We only print cloth, mousemat or high quality rubber. We do not have any resellers anywhere, we are based UK. So if you see our designs sold by any other company they are cheap copies.




Roads and Rivers


We recently had a major problem with Paypal who pretty much screwed up our online business and we had to refund all customers from November.


We have now refunded all these customers and we apologise for the enormous problems caused by Paypals failings.

We have now dumped the Paypal system for Square and Credit/Debit card payments and Bank Transfer.

We have reopened our online shop and trimmed down the website.

Please look at our current products in our Store.

If you need custom mat work please email us

We were commissioned to design and print the worlds biggest war gaming cloth for the charity Waterloo Replayed.

At over 2000 square feet it is the biggest mat ever produced and may even end up in the Guinness book of World records!

More info here..

We created this mat from the customers rough idea on the left.

Final mat was high quality rubber.

Custom print to mousemat

for Pacific Victory Game for a customer in 61x48 inches. £69 plus postage

Pacific Victory covers the war in the Pacific during World War II using the Columbia Block game system. Units are represented by wooden blocks which remain upright and hide the type and strength of the unit. A fusion of Columbia's older "Front" system and its newer "Victory" system, the game focuses on the grand strategy of the Pacific war. It provides a number of scenarios that deal with specific stages of the war and also a grand campaign.

NOW on  Kickstarter

A new set of roads and rivers printed to stiff card in full colour for 10-15mm and 28mm. 




Dusty Roads

Snowy Roads

18th March 2019

We are working on the Meckel Map to be printed at 6x4. 

Also we are printing a custom space mat for a customer

at 2m plus in mousemat material.











15th March 2019

Busy day to day, lots of enquiries for custom mat work including a smaller version of our Partisan mat with just a river running across it. Getting enquiries and sales now for our mousemat material which can be made up to 6 x 4 feet. We are not attending Salute as we have had a bit of a hoo ha with the organisers who forgot to add our space. We were think of doing a pre salute virtual tabletop sale via our facebook live page on the 5th April.  Getting a few enquiries from USA now so please direct these to Chuck on our contact page if you reside in the USA.

A customer is asking if we can recreate this mat for his own use, watch this space. 


We also sell our products via ebay, so have a look there for some bargains. 

Elvis the dog was 

splashing about

today on our

un ironed sea mat

for the Caribbean!


Custom design for a 4x4 6mm gaming cloth.


Gettysburg design for a customer at 11x6 feet, 6mm

November 2018

We are currently designing mats for Battle of Britain for a customer, in 11 x 7 feet with 3 inch hexes, the sea will be a dark sea  and have no clouds. Here are the basic drawings from Ivan to start. (watch this space).

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Now finished for this year and a great couple of days for customers who saved 10 and 15% off our products.

Ant colony members can also save 10% off any cloth orders. See link.

We have just adjusted the colour of our basic arid mat to add more browns and reds.

Operation Aintree

Warhammer 6mm!

New Snow Bolt Action mat

We removed the river in our bolt action snow mat for a customer who wanted a larger snowy area.

Snowy Wasteland by IVAN

Alien Streets by IVAN

New Stalingrad 28mm 6x4 feet mat for use in WW2 scenarios, Bolt action, Snowy wrecked buildings and cold icy streets ideal for  winter battles.

We created a design for a mat suitable for games like Killteam, the size is 30 x 20 inches Cloth £30 plus £6 uk post order via paypal, use in most futuristic space games, we can also resize this mat.

Battle of Zurich in 1799

A customers rough drawing on the left and our final mat below.

New Starfleet Mats.  

Urban Concrete.

A customers Waterloo rubber mat, we designed from scratch. Ideal for games of Commands and Colors on the go!

A customers Waterloo rubber mat, we designed from scratch.

A customers request for a big aerial wargaming cloth, clouds included.

Napoleonic waterloo mat design for a customer

Our range of sea colours

Custom design 

Napoleonic Autumn mat design 

A customers gaming room using our huge wargame cloth, designed from rough sketches and colourised.


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Telephone 01322 618704


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