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The latest news from Tinywargames

Win a 3D printer 

We are running another raffle to win another 3D printer for just £1, all proceeds to go to our local animal charity Spirits Rest in Dartford. . #terrain

Win stuff on

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter -, we regularly give away gifts like painting trays and boardgames.

New Projects

We have just released a range of 28mm metal miniatures for fantasy adventure games, under the name of Tiny Metal. The first sets are adventurers and ogres, we are currently working on orcs. All of these figures can eventualy be used with our TDATD game.

Launching soon, our Tiny Terrain which will include plastic moulded hills, bocage, craters, islands, paint and or flock and add some details to your tabletop mats. #terrain


We have moved across to Parcelforce for all our deliveries and are pleased to say we have had zero losses!

Latest materials

We have 8 materials available, see the materials page for details. We can print in all the popular sizes. Larger mats are available on quotation and take longer to produce than smaller mats, Cloth Lite and PVC are the best value and we print and send them in just 2 days!

The Drowned and The Damned Game

We have purchased the rights to The Drowned and the Damned and plan on releasing it as a complete Fantasy naval wargame including everything you will need to run a table top naval wargame. More information here.

Win a 3D printer (Winner drawn! )

We are raising funds for a local animal sanctuary called Spirits Rest in Dartford. Win a 3D printer for just £1, all money will go towards food for the animals. We are licensed to run online raffles. Please enter and good luck, Will be drawn at the end of June.

Brexit causes price increase in AUGUST!

Friday 27-5-22

Due to issues with customs caused by the nightmare that is Brexit, we will be raising our prices on premium cloths and lino over 6x4 feet, the raise is due to customs import charges which seem to be made up by the couriers. We print all other materials in the UK so these will not be affected. Our PVC and Cloth Lite materials continue to offer best value. As soon as the customs are able to sort themselves out we shall return to normal. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

A note on orders and processing

Friday, May 13th 2022

All orders from our Pro range of materials (PVC and Cloth Lite) will be processed and shipped within 1-2 business days. Premium range material orders are processed on the day of receipt and can take up to 12 days to dispatch. Any orders placed after 4pm UK will be processed the following day.

New Cloth Lite material

Thursday, May 12th 2022

We have just added a new material to our Pro range of battlemats - Cloth Lite. It's made from 100% recycled polyester and provides a smooth flat playing surface. It's a more cost-effective alternative to our Premium hemmed Cloth mat. 

Slight delay on larger cloth materials

April  2022

Due to ongoing issues at Dover with Brexit delays, our factory in Poland that prints the larger cloth and lino materials are suffering delays by about 1 week.

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