Wargaming days

Ever since I started Tinywargames I have spent many a day consumed by everything Wargame related, from updating this site to Twitter and Instagram feeds.

The best this by far are the people I have met and made friends with over the last three years, some of the nicest people I have ever met, a great hobby enjoyed by people of all ages which encompasses modelling, board games, tactical wargaming and collecting. Its a great hobby and business to be involved in.

Having teamed up with Ivan from Wargame Print (the best wargame mat designer in the universe) we started out with just three designs, now we have hundreds covering all eras of wargames and historical periods. We are constantly creating custom mats for our great customer base. Its good to see our mats being used at shows all over the world.



21 St Davids Road

Hextable Kent BR8 7RJ

Telephone 07540 750620



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