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A full range of wargaming/tabletop mats in all the popular sizes from 2x2 feet. Grass, Desert, Space, Urban, Sea, Snow etc. Available in over 350 designs in cloth and rubber, also river and road strips. The best range of designs and materials to enhance your table. Also, see our range of old and new wargaming books in our shop. Hexes or grids added free. Please look at our current products in our Store. If you need custom mat work please email us info@tinywargames.co.uk

The worlds biggest selection of wargame and table top mats

6mm small scale wargame mats

Battlescale Miniature Houses

The live draw was 10th December and the Winner was Gary Wood, Thank you to all those who entered! 

Create tiny wargames on your desktop using our small scale mats in any design or texture for any wargame scenario!

Highly detailed rivers and roads, grass, deserts, seas or snowy landscapes. 

Cloth - Rubber - Fleece - Leather - Custom Mats - Hexes added free
sherriff mat
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Pictures thanks to Photographers at Pexels

New mats for Kill Team

Killteam mats
urban mats

Five Materials: Cloth, Rubber, Mousemat, Lino and now Fleece!

New Designs September

Battle of britain
alien wargames
Iraq mat
blue ice
Mars Craters
battle of britain
wild sea 5x3
Ocean moon

We are adding lots of super realistic photographic mats to our collection:

  • Paddy Fields

  • Seas

  • Deserts

  • Coasts

  • Grasses

  • Aerial

  • Naval

  • Jungle

  • Vietnam

Please check back often!




Three new size mats for use with games like Games Work shops Warhammer

44x30 inches £38

44x60 inches £50

44x90 inches £72

Games Workshop logo and name is copyright. We can produce with any

of our base designs.

Email to order.

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Thanks to NASA and Pexels.