All our mats are bordeless with no logos printed to the face.

We make our mats from 3 kinds of materials, cloth, mousemat and very high quality rubber backed, the cloth can be washed and ironed.


Cloth - a flexible cloth that can be folded, washed and ironed. Ideal for game nights it can be used to lay over terrain to create hills. Cloth mats can be any size. Up to 5 feet in one piece (width) bigger will have a join (1 week delivery) Our cloths are borderless and can be washed as polyester and ironed on a cotton setting.

Mousemat - Like a rubber material commonly used as mousemats, neoprene is soft and rolls up. Pretty much any size can be made to order.

High quality rubber backed mats are special order and can only be ordered via email (allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of rubber backed mats, these are very heavy duty, high quality mats. Rubber mats can be any length by 4.5 feet. For the professional gamer, thicker than mouse mat, we can also make pretty much any shape in HQ rubber.

Please note that we endeavour to get the sizes cut to the closest possible size required, however slight deviations are possible as to the nature of the printing process, materials used and cutting process.  We do not guarantee exact sizes and some slight under or over measurement may occur, please think about this before ordering as no refunds will be given once printed. We only print single sided mats.



Can be Ironed


Sits over terrain

No borders


Smooth non slip


No borders



Rollable/Non slip



No borders

Cloths over 5 feet width would have a join


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