Based in Kent UK, we design and print battle mats for wargamers all over the world, we have over 300 designs to enhance your wargame table and give it a more realistic feel, we have many happy customers. We have  print factories in Kent and Poland.



We use the latest in design and print techniques  to bring you lots of lovely wargaming cloths and mats. We also offer a full custom service to bring your own ideas to life.

We made the biggest ever wargame mat!


Where are you based? 

Kent and Poland.

Which materials do you print to?:

Cloth, Leatherette, Fleece, Lino and Rubber

See materials page.

Are you part of another company?

No we are independent.

What's the biggest mat I can get?

In cloth there is no limit to size.

Can I use cloth over terrain?

Yes, but order the next size up to allow overhang.

Do your mats shrink and can they be cleaned?

When ordering please allow for a natural tolerance/shrinkage of mats, perhaps add another few inches if size is absolutely crucial.  You can wash and iron cloths.

What are the other materials?

Rubber is very high quality snooker table felt, a lovely soft surface. Lino is floor lino, thick rubber material, tough and strong. Fleece is soft, Leatherette is ideal for roads and rivers.

Do you offer a design service?

Yes we have Ivan who is from Wargame Print and other designers who are history experts and the best in the business.

Can I add a Hex or a Grid to the mat?

Yes, free of charge any size.

Has Covid affected you?

Yes, we are experiencing delays on materials for rubber and larger mats, so please bear this in mind when ordering.


21 St Davids Road


Kent BR8 7RJ


Telephone 01322 618704



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