Established in 2015 and based in Kent UK, we design and print battlemats for tabletop gamers all over the world.


Choose from any of our 350+ designs, printed onto any of our six high-quality materials.


Hugely enhance your tabletop and give it a more realistic, immersive look!


We have many happy customers and we print from our factories in Kent and Poland.




We use the very latest in design and print techniques and offer a full range of ready-made mats in our Store, as well as a custom mat service. Work with us to bring your own ideas and imagination to life!


Where are you based? 

Kent and Poland.

Which materials do you print to?

Cloth, Leatherette, Fleece, Lino, Velour and Rubber

See our materials page.

Are you part of another company?

No, we are a totally independent small business.

What's the biggest mat I can get?

There is almost no limit apart from your imagination and available space. We designed a 2,000 sq. feet gaming mat for The Great Game: Waterloo Replayed in 2019. The biggest gaming mat ever created!

Can I use cloth over terrain?

Yes, cloth is best for this, but you should consider ordering the next size up to allow overhang.

Do your mats shrink and can they be cleaned?

Most of our materials can be washed and ironed. There may be some very minimal shrinkage due to the natural properties of the fabrics. You can read more about this on our Materials page.


All our designs are our own and we also use Ivan from Wargame Print and a number of other industry designers who are history/wargaming experts and the best in the business. Anything is possible. We've even been asked to create mats to replicate people’s back gardens from aerial photos! Just email us to find out more.

Can I add a Hex or a Grid to the mat?

Yes, free of charge any size.

Has COVID-19 affected your business?

Like most companies around the world big or small, we have experienced some delays, so please bear this in mind. But generally things are now running pretty smoothly. We are happy to answer any question you may have. Just send us an email.