Hex card system

Use our hex system designed by Ivan at Wargame Print to enhance your hex gaming experience. Any size of hex can supplied on self cut lino  and used on their own or placed onto surfaces or terrain. Made ready-to-cut with a sharp knife or scissors.  Email us for prices.

commands hex
cnc grass hex


Hex tiles
Hex tile system
  • Single sided

  • LINO or leatherette

  • High definition print

  • Over 30 different textures

  • Any size hex

  • Ready-to-cut

  • Fits other hex systems

  • Grass, Desert, Sea, Snow etc

  • Roads, Rivers, Railways etc

  • Rivers available now

  • Endless design 

grass 4 hex splash.JPG

Lino or Leatherette

Self cut

3x3 sheets

Any textures

Fits Kallistra System

See price list


any combination on lino any size

hex tile systems
Hex tile system
sea hex
sea hex