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Tiny Soccer the ultimate playing surface for games like Subbuteo™ and FlickForKicks™!


We supply a whole range of grass textures to recreate indoor and outdoor pitches for all table soccer and football games. Including training pitches!


A whole range of grass textures are available for indoor and outdoor pitches with team names and any other customisation required. 


Tiny Soccer pitches are perfect on our velour fabric – a smooth perfect playing surface that can be folded, washed and ironed.

For the tougher players our high quality felt-topped rubber can be washed and rolled up and thrown in your sports bag!

Materials: Velour - Felt/Rubber 

Velour is a soft fabric with a smooth perfect playing surface, can be folded, washed and ironed.

Felt/Rubber is a high quality felt topped rubber which can be washed and rolled up.


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