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Tiny METAL: Epic Adventures, Pint-Sized Warriors

The Tiny Metal miniatures range offers premium-quality 28mm metal fantasy game miniatures for enthusiasts of 80s/90s retro tabletop culture, as well as those looking for a decent set of characterful fantasy minis with a solid build quality and price point.

Our meticulously crafted fantasy adventurers and ogres will transport you to a world of adventure, enabling you to enact epic battles and bring your imagination to life along with our huge range of Tinywargames battlemats.

Whether you’re a collector or gamer, Tiny Metal 28mm miniatures are the perfect way to add character, depth and realism to your tabletop or hobby storytelling. 

Hand-finished and cast in premium-grade alloy for enhanced durability and detail.

Start your adventure with Tiny Metal today!

Tiny Metal: Ogres

28mm scale


Contains four metal unpainted miniatures with a classic ‘Oldhammer’ feel:

  • Lumpy Limbcleave

  • Bumpy Bonecrunch

  • Grumpy Gristlegrind

  • Stumpy Spleenslice


Tiny Metal: Adventurers

28mm scale


Contains nine metal unpainted miniatures with a classic ‘Oldhammer’ feel:


  • Ezekiel Whifflespark the Wizard

  • Sir Bohemund the Virtuous Paladin

  • Skall the Unscrupulous Thief

  • Delvor Delvinsonn the Dwarf

  • Gar Headtaker the Barbarian

  • Sir Fortesque the Fighter

  • Ned the Wise the Cleric

  • Jonathan Songstrangle the Bard

  • Ethi’lhouan the Elf

Collect and paint them all!


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Ogres and Adventurers!
Use with our Dungeon Mats!
Metal Adventurers
Metal Ogres
Coming Soon... Orcs!
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